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Be Still Be Moved

Women's Movement

Be Still Be Moved 2023 will be Saturday, September 30th!

Budding Tree
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The Lord said this wasn't to be a typical women's conference...


This was to be a movement.

This wasn't to be just an event...


This was to be the beginning of something that floods into every area of our lives and carries

on into eternity...something real...something new...something powerful.

We invite every woman,

from all walks of life,

to join us at our next women's movement

to encounter the presence

of the Lord in a new, intimate, authentic way. Walk this journey with us. Come, gather, encounter, pursue, and be free to be YOU in HIM! This is about FREEDOM. This movement is about life...abundant, beautiful life in Jesus full of purpose and power!

This's just the beginning! Join us.

Be still in His presence.

Be moved by His Spirit!

Let's watch what Father can do as we pursue Him.




Saturday, September 30, 2023

Friday, September 29th will be quiet camping the night before to prepare our hearts. (Tents only) - more information below.


Dunkirk, OH


Women ages 16 to 99+




-Powerful sessions of teaching

-intimate worship

-a beautiful space to meet with Jesus, time to physically BE STILL

-light breakfast


-the invitation to pitch a tent with us Friday night


No Fluff. Nothing Wasted.


Our tentative schedule looks like this....

Friday, Sep 29th - We are inviting any woman who would like to join us on the night before the conference. Bring your own tent, or borrow one for this purposeful night. We will be setting up our tents on a beautiful part of the property and protecting this night to prepare our hearts for what the Lord has. This will be quiet camping, set up to meet with Jesus on our own, personally and intimately, simply giving women a space to be still and to listen to Him. We might pray together, and we might gather together to worship around a fire, but this night will be purposed and protected to seek Him in stillness on our own and in our own personal way. WE WILL HAVE NOTHING PLANNED FOR FRIDAY EVENING, no food, no schedule. One indoor restroom will be available at this time. We simply invite you to join us to walk into a pursuit that might feel a little different or uncomfortable for some, but will be oh, so beautiful. DON'T FORGET YOUR BIBLES!!! We are anticipating that you will be in them A LOT on this night!

Saturday, Sep 30th at 8:00 AM we will be serving coffee and light snacks.

9:00 AM we will begin our first teaching/speaking session.

around 9:45 AM we will begin our second teaching/speaking session

around 10:30 AM we will prepare to break out, walk the land, and meet intimately with the Lord on our own

We will gather back together around noon for some quiet, simple worship

We will have a purposeful time of corporate prayer and then will gather at one table together for lunch.

This conference will end after lunch, sometime around 2:00 PM, but women are welcome to stay and linger a bit longer if desired.

We would like to honor and respect the owners of this property and have everything cleaned up and cleared out by 4:00 PM that day.


1. We will have only one indoor restroom, which will be a distance from where the sessions will take place. So, please be as strategic as possible with your restroom use, though we will also have 2 simple portapotties for use closer to the area we will be in. 

2. WE WILL BE OUTSIDE THE ENTIRE TIME, SO PLEASE DRESS WEATHER-APPROPRIATE, including possibly boots as we will have access to trails

3. As much as we love women and want them to feel comfortable and like the beautiful, royal daughters of the King that they are....we are NOT giving you all the comforts at this movement. We chose this space so that the simple, raw, and real can be the foundation of extraordinary things happening from within, from a mighty move of God and an outpour of His Spirit upon the still, listening, ready heart! We want to be overwhelmed by His Spirit without the need for all the extra. We are keeping it simple and real.

Things To Bring:

~Your Bible

~A notebook and pen

~A blanket to wrap up in and/or to throw on the ground at our "walk the land" times

~A coffe mug 

~A camping chair (if you join us Friday night,and/or if you would prefer to sit on your own chair for the sessions rather than the chair provided

~A ready heart

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