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Be Still Be Moved Ministries was birthed from the beautiful truth and powerful revelation of REST! Rest in Motion was published in 2017. God spoke into the heart of the author of this book and carried its message into the start of Be Still Be Moved Ministries. For such a time as this, we are called to arise. We are called to stand up, to plant our feet in the Lord, and to refuse to be moved by the world, by opinions, by the lies, and by circumstances. We are to be still, to find our resting place in Him. To wait, to trust, to believe that He is who He says He is. Knowing Him empowers us.

Resting in Him moves us. It changes us.

We must learn to rest so we can live in the power and wonder of His movement within us. God is love and is in relentless pursuit of  the heart of every single woman. We must rest in that truth. This ministry is designed to help women see that truth and  to learn to walk fearlessly in it...IN HIM! This ministry was created to draw women into intimate connection with Jesus, to learn to read the Word of God with yearning, to pray without ceasing, and to live with the power and movement that comes from resting in the Lord. We must be still and allow Him to be the movement that leads, speaks, and lives within us. Live abundantly. Know Him. Be free. Breathe Him in. And let Him move you into beautiful, abundant, purposeful life! 

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Acts 17:28

"For in Him we live and move and have our being...for we also are His Children."

How You Can Be Blessed by
This Ministry:
  • Follow Be Still and Be Moved on Facebook for daily encouragement and truth from His Word.

  • A new wing of this ministry was launched on Dec,1st, 2018, called His Word Unveiled.  This ministry walks you through the Bible, chronologically, one video, one chapter at a time, discussing and discovering new truths and revelations. Don't be intimidated by the Bible! Read to learn. Make it a discipline, and be blessed! Click on the tab "His Word Unveiled" and walk with me in this incredibly powerful, yet beautifully simple adventure!

  • We are so excited for our next Be Still Be Moved Women's Conference. Mark your calendars for Saturday, September 30, 2023. We will gather on a new beautiful land out in Dunkirk, OH. We believe the Lord has anointed this land and has purposed so much for us on it! We are powerfully praying and preparing for this next conference. We invite you to ready yourselves for a beautiful time in His presence on September 28, 2024!

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